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The sex trafficking thing

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, January 07 2023 at 6:56:43PM
In reply to I like him, pending investigation. posted by LGsouL on Thursday, January 05 2023 at 10:25:00AM

As I have noted here and elsewhere, the sex trafficking panic has been shown by several journalists, including Anna Racoon (as covered on Tom O'Carroll's blog), in a mainstream investigation some years ago on The Washington Post and other places, including an investigation conducted by a government agency in at least one African nation, to be just that: a panic. It's part of the ongoing sex panics connected to but separate from the pedo hysteria. It's related to the disproven but once widely believed snuff film paranoia from the 1980s and is a modern day version of the white slavery panic of the early 20th century.

This doesn't mean it never happens, but it only rarely happens. It's mostly used by contemporary liberals to attempt to ban all consensual sex work and to extend the pedo panic. Most real trafficking involves illegal enforced labor, not sex.

So is Tate guilty of actual trafficking as the word is promoted, i.e., literally forcing or coercing women into doing sex work for him? Very unlikely, but his liberal detractors want him accused of it due to the emotional impact it carries and they want him arrested and censored for very obvious reasons. They know that every man-hating liberal on the planet will want his head (both of them) removed, and the accusation alone carries a lot of weight in the political climate of today.

Otherwise, I pretty much agree with everything you said about him. I do not think that "traditional" masculinity, where men are expected to be the "leaders" of the family or in heterosexual relationships, should be brought back into vogue, but I do agree with him that what we have in the modern era, with extreme hostility towards men and women conditioned to lament "toxic masculinity" yet adopt these same traits for themselves and praised as "strong, independent" women for doing so, is the opposite extreme of the past. I think a balance of sorts needs to be found, with the end of competitive hostility between the genders. However, both the far right and the far left want to keep the fighting going which is why I take the egalitarian side.


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