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Posted by Dissident on Monday, January 09 2023 at 03:06:31AM
In reply to Yup. posted by LGsouL on Sunday, January 08 2023 at 10:12:21PM

"The accusation also “seems” to stem from the removal of adult female agency “he manipulated women into working for his webcam business”"

Of course. Modern liberals have no respect for female agency, and want to both coddle them and keep them from making decisions they do not approve of. They use their misandry to rationalize this by claiming women only do things they disapprove of if a man "manipulates" them into it. It lets them play moral crusader and nanny to legal adults to put virtue armor around their authoritarian agenda.

"As MAPs, we are well versed in the sex trafficking hysteria used in part to help keep us on the low part of the societal totem pole."

Yes. Of course, even some MAPs like to play moral crusader and have authoritarian impulses/agendas (we are, after all, human) and so embrace the sex panic narrative. That is why the worldview and agenda of the Virpeds is so similar to that of the Wokes. This is not a coincidence, and it reveals why so many anti-choice MAPs are semi or fully "Woke" in their overall political ideology (authoritarian liberal).

Even many civil libertarians fall into this trap, because they do not want to challenge that narrative out of fear of being shamed and attacked by the social media mob for doing so. It's also an easy way to take advantage of human emotions and further your own agenda by connecting it to the sex panic narrative and trying to come off as noble and heroic.

"I too do not want to see some full return to traditional models, but currently it’s anti-male. We need to acknowledge biological differences while allowing freedom of choice."

Fully agree. This is why I avoid opposing the new extreme by adopting a socially and politically conservative view and attempting to recoup some "traditional" values that were part of the former extreme and ended up being consigned to the dustbin of history for good reason. Instead I stick to the classic left and and eschew both the extremes of the past and the future for a reasonable balance between the best of the old and the more positive aspects of the new so as to go in a genuinely progressive direction. Freedom of choice and allowance for lifestyle differences rather than near-universal gender-based expectations for both men and women has to be honored, and I will never agree with the use of shaming techniques.

And it has to be done in a way that unites the genders rather than pitting them against each other and encouraging one in particular to be hated by mainstream society.


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