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Your misandry makes you read things wrong

Posted by Dissident on Tuesday, December 20 2022 at 8:00:28PM
In reply to fighting for children's rights... posted by lemondolphin on Tuesday, December 20 2022 at 10:34:39AM

If pedophiles are such champions of children's rights - then why is the focus ALWAYS on the "right" of children to satisfy male sexual urges?

Huh? Your misandric bias causes you to read things totally wrong, Lemondolphin. What we talk about is girls (and kids in general) making their own decisions and being free to satisfy their own romantic desires, free from any type of coercion in any given direction (including coercion to suppress them). That is hardly geared exclusively towards "fulfilling 'male' sexual desires." You see that and only that because you loathe men and you think our sexual desires lack a romantic component and that they are essentially selfish. This leaves you with no hope of assessing the matter objectively.

Children are forced to work in the entertainment industry and pay taxes, yet don't have the vote.

And you have somehow missed the many discussions here over the years of full youth liberation, including granting kids the vote? In your view, how is keeping the AoC at 18 going to work if kids have the power to vote it down so they can make their own decisions and be treated on their proven merits in all ways? And what if large portions of them decide not to hate men? You have a conundrum here, my friend.

Children are allowed to work and earn income, yet there are no laws in place to prevent adults from stealing their money. Children do not have financial authority, they are not allowed to own bank accounts in their own name.

Pro-choicers in the MAP community are usually youth liberationists, and fully support younger people having the right to control their own money and not be forced into any type of situation they do not want, including being "forced" to work in any aspect of the entertainment industry.

Maybe it would be easier to believe pedophile political posturing of themselves as crusaders for children's rights, if they actually took up the mantle of fighting for substantial rights - and not just their "right" to be used as sex toys for adults.

Huh??!!! You have missed years and years and countless threads discussing full youth liberation here! And considering its frequency, you can only do so willfully. Your view that this is the "only" thing that "male pedophiiles" are interested in is willful delusion based on hatred of men and male attraction in general, this time with a youth-centric focus. Sorry to burst your non-objective, emotionally wrought bubble, Lemondolphin, but most of us pro-choice MAPs are full on youth liberationists, and believe that kids should be fully empowered, including with labor rights, control over their own money, and full voting rights. That you claim to support this while somehow supporting AoC laws as they now stand makes it clear what you actually support. And it's built on the strange assumption that if you empower kids with full civil liberties, they will all be misandrists who agree with laws that deny them full sexual agency even as they supposedly acquire all other forms of agency.

Girls are much more multi-faceted than that, as are MAPs and men in general. The majority of both are not fanatical liberals, and many of the above are true civil libertarians. That throws a major monkey wrench in your worldview.

What pedophile has ever walked in the March of Dimes? What pedophile has ever donated to the Ronald McDonald House? What pedophile has ever fought for greater services for deaf children in school? What pedophile has ever spoken out against the widespread unlawful incarceration of young girls in private for-profit "teen help" centers?

Ummmmm...many, many of us through the years, that's who, Lemondolphin. In fact, we have had to make such donations and stand up for such programs without revealing we are MAPs, or the donations are refused and we are barred from said programs. But we are there in our regular identities as people doing these things. You are simply making it clear how little you know of this community and how much of it is built on these really bizarre assumptions that are tainted by your overall hatred of men. You see what you want to see and have no interest in doing the research that would prove not only how wrong you are, but how incapable your worldview makes an objective assessment on your part.

I would love it if I was wrong. I would love it if they went on platforms and really advocated for kids - but it never happens. I have seen the interviews done by NAMBLA and PIE, et al.

This proves you are driven entirely by emotional bias and no actual objective analysis of the organizations you mentioned, since they have extensively discussed the liberation of young people on a wide basis.

They advocate ONLY for their right to sexually access the bodies of children - and attempt to frame it as a child's "right" to get fk'ed.

You are a typical modern liberal anti--driven entirely by your lurid obsession with just the sexual aspect of our attraction, focusing only on that when we have in fact never done so ourselves! It's all you see because it's all you care about, while claiming that it's all that we, and men in general, care about. Your rampant misandry and mis-assessment of girls and women as helpless fragile shrinking violets capable only of purity on all levels makes it clear that your agenda is not protection, but protectionism. Have fun here getting taken apart just as your numerous ilk we have dealt with here over the past 20+ years!


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