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fighting for children's rights...

Posted by lemondolphin on Tuesday, December 20 2022 at 10:34:39AM
In reply to Yup posted by Dissident on Monday, December 19 2022 at 11:52:32PM

"the very open suppression of youth civil rights and expression"
If pedophiles are such champions of children's rights - then why is the focus ALWAYS on the "right" of children to satisfy male sexual urges? Children are forced to work in the entertainment industry and pay taxes, yet don't have the vote. Children are allowed to work and earn income, yet there are no laws in place to prevent adults from stealing their money. Children do not have financial authority, they are not allowed to own bank accounts in their own name.
Maybe it would be easier to believe pedophile political posturing of themselves as crusaders for children's rights, if they actually took up the mantle of fighting for substantial rights - and not just their "right" to be used as sex toys for adults.
What pedophile has ever walked in the March of Dimes? What pedophile has ever donated to the Ronald McDonald House? What pedophile has ever fought for greater services for deaf children in school? What pedophile has ever spoken out against the widespread unlawful incarceration of young girls in private for-profit "teen help" centers? What pedophile has ever done anything to truly help children, that does not revolve around his dick or gaining access to kids?
I would love it if I was wrong. I would love it if they went on platforms and really advocated for kids - but it never happens. I have seen the interviews done by NAMBLA and PIE, et al. They advocate ONLY for their right to sexually access the bodies of children - and attempt to frame it as a child's "right" to get fk'ed.

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