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AOC by countries

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Tuesday, December 20 2022 at 6:29:44PM
In reply to America does have a high AoC... posted by Dissident on Tuesday, December 20 2022 at 04:18:26AM

So I went through and counted for each continent. In areas where states can set their own I used the lowest age a state could set it. Puberty aoc is just one state in Mexico. Since 16 is far more common in the U.S. than 17 or 18 I think it's fair and easier for the records than counting each state individually. For territories since they are closer to semi autonomous I included them in the countries. It would also be very difficult to separate them.

I used the countries map of AOC from Wikipedia. So if anything is off there I'd love to hear it and I can update. I did not include any countries where the aoc is must be married as some states in the United States you can marry a very young girl and it would be legal to have sex with her. And has been done in America even recently several times under 12 yo.

North America-

puberty- 1
15 yo - 5
16 yo - 15
18 yo - 8

South America-

13yo -1
14yo -7
15yo -2
16yo -3


13yo -1
14yo -2
15yo -3
16yo -11
18yo -21


14yo -15
15yo -13
16yo -17
17yo -1


13yo -1
14yo -3
15yo -5
16yo -19
17yo -1
18yo -6


15yo -3
16yo -11
17yo -1
18yo -1


Puberty -1
13yo -3
14yo -27
15yo -31
16yo -76
17yo -3
18yo -36

So 16yo and over -115
15yo and younger -62

So I don't think America has a higher AOC than normal compared to the world. Now the cultural aspects I am far more likely to agree on. Just not the legal. Unless the data is off someway.

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