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you are half right - FYI...

Posted by lemondolphin on Tuesday, December 20 2022 at 11:13:04AM
In reply to Re: posted by Dissident on Tuesday, December 20 2022 at 07:48:41AM

Pedophiles who sexually engage with LGs do indeed harm them. So do LEA and anti-pedophiles, but not for the reasons you may assume.
LEA harms LGs by bullying and punishing them - although they may be the victims of crime, not the perpetrators.
Many LEAs still view women as pieces of property...mere extensions of their custodians and another household good. They still believe that a sexual crime against a girl is not a crime against the girl herself, but rather, a crime against her custodians/father by vandalizing their "property" and thereby reducing the female object's property value.
We see this played out, in the lack of concern for girls in the system vs girls with wealthy parents. How much easier is it to access foster girls or orphans (and their bodies) than girls who are looked after by wealthy parents? This is not restricted to pedophiles, of course. It also extends to their male peers. Most girls in the system, or who live in poverty, lose their virginity by 13/14; whereas girls who live in wealthy stable homes and go to good private schools remain fully sexually innocent to college.
The dramatic reaction of "antis"(who are invariably male) to possible predation of a girl, and their expressions of disgust and repulsion, are damaging to girls because children's world view is limited and typically revolves around themselves. The girls blame themselves for the adults' reaction. They interpret adult disgust as being directed at them. Sometimes, that interpretation is accurate. It is all too easy for other adult men to label a young girl as a slut or a whore, for getting sexually abused. She can't fight back. Men can, so it's easier to just stigmatize the girl and hold her responsible for the actions of men. Add to that the fact that they are looking for a fight - not making an offer of compassion - and they are less than empathetic to the unique emotional needs of girls. It's not surprising, since they are men, and do not understand the unique attachments that girls have towards others.

There is no good guy, here in this world. Not for girls, anyway. Boys are a different kettle of fish altogether, and I won't discuss them here because I'm not trying to write my thesis.

Re: Hanson and his show. Girls are NEVER looking for sex. NEVER. They have NO motivation to do so. They are ALWAYS looking for something else, whenever they offer themselves to a man for his use. Girls are put at risk from anonymous NSA sex with men they don't know, and they do not benefit in any way from getting used as a human toilet for a man to express himself into. The men on the show showed up intended on taking advantage of vulnerable girls. They were looking to abuse and exploit young girls for their own benefit - then throw the used, defiled pieces of human tissue in the trash. I don't feel bad for them at all. They showed ZERO regard for the presumed girls. They showed no interest in them as people AT ALL. Regardless of Hanson's motives (which I don't know and don't really care about), I am quite satisfied with the cads who showed up getting humiliated.

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