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I have a good mind to...

Posted by lemondolphin on Saturday, December 17 2022 at 3:33:21PM
In reply to &Then? Supreme Court Justices, Then Elon. Doxxing. posted by Eeyore on Saturday, December 17 2022 at 04:02:19AM

dox someone I know. It's a thought I've had swimming around in my brain for a while now. But not for his politics, who he is, what beliefs he holds, or how he lives his life. He is a known career criminal and sociopath. He has left a trail of tearful bloody victims in his wake. I know a few of his victims. His crimes are known to LE, but he faces no consequences because he's wealthy, influential in politics, and works for the government.
I don't think it's wrong to dox someone if that's the only kind of justice they will face for verified violent crimes. Sometimes the justice system fails...there is nobody left to punish the powerful, just community action. Victims of crime deserve a little justice. I don't feel bad about that. Not one bit.

I may not do it, but if I do it, I won't lose any sleep.

PS Don't come for me...when he used to be in a grooming gang - he managed to cross the line and commit crimes that were offensive to even those hardened child gang rapists. They kicked him out of their group. I wouldn't even dox the gang members - just him.

My point is that doxxing is not always bad. You are not so naive as to believe that the system always works, are you?

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