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&Then? Supreme Court Justices, Then Elon. Doxxing.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, December 17 2022 at 04:02:19AM

Never thought I'd ever see such fruition (evolution?), from its humble days of first being weaponized in the early 2000's against first (I think?) abortion doctors, and then child lovers on internet message boards soon after. From there, I lurked at some rather "infamous" doxxings at equally infamous chan places. Things quickly deteriorated into absolute shit-shows. I never thought they were a good thing, but I would be lying to say none of them at all were ever slightly amusing in their dramatic online sagas.

However, somebody pays the price for them, without any fair trial of their behavior. Memory is foggy at times, but I think an abortion doctor was killed as a result, many child lovers were threatened and harrassed at their homes, and we all should remember the recent case of the US supreme court justice who's doxxing resulted in a psycho outside his home.

And then Elon, instantly thrown under the bus as predicted, once he exposed Twitter with the proof of felonies and organized treason that was known but lacking evidence.

Flights and location tracked? My response: Dude, why is he even still flying in planes? They get ghost-rided with oxygen-deprived dead onboard. Does he not remember that Minnesota politician? Or Malaysian Airways? Long Island Iranian TWA? Need some more examples?

DUDE. Don't even fly period.

But yes, doxx is a poxx. It condemns people to worldwide threats from nutcases without legal trial.

Girlchat and Boychat can confirm, The Pedos were the testing ground for all of this long ago. We have stories. Nobody wants to hear nor sympathize with our doxxing experiences. So all these years later, chickens return to roost, or maybe created a monster or similar useful expression.

Anywho, it's finally zeroed in on people not originally intended for its punishment, fear, and mental anguish. Enjoy your paranoia which we endured ourselves years ago, to the glee of millions. We may agree doxxing sucks, but we say so with just a tinge of vindicated smarm toward the various powerful individuals who now endure it.

Sucks, don't it.

What comes around goes around, eh?


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