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Shows like that

Posted by Dissident on Tuesday, December 13 2022 at 07:42:19AM
In reply to Dance Moms returns posted by Butterfly Kisses on Tuesday, December 13 2022 at 01:29:03AM

There's no other show I know of kind of like that.

That's because of the moral panic insisting that kids should not be "sexualized", which means that girls should not be seen wearing outfits that show off their natural beauty and which may cause them to be admired "in that way" by adult viewers, who are considered perverted, horrible human beings for doing so and perhaps harboring "unacceptable" fantasies. And because it violates the sacred secular paradigm of Childhood Innocence that kids are forced to comply with and serve as flesh and blood personifications of.

Let us not forget that we also used to have Toddlers and Tiaras, which was popular for several years for its combination of attractive girls and the silly drama that the parents would often create around the "glitz" pageants, until the yearly barrage of all the usual complaints finally got it cancelled. Then a few years later it was revived for another season (but with an oddly altered format), and then promptly cancelled again for the exact same reason.

Other shows like that occasionally appear, such as the spin-off American Idol Juniors, which highlight a combination of the attractiveness and talent of kids (in the latter case, singing), but like always, despite its popularity such shows typically die a quick death due to all the usual complaints.

The huge number of adults who tune in to admire the kids in a socially unacceptable way and the unacceptable, thinly concealed, and always denied celebration of the girls' attractiveness always results in the usual accusations, performative moral outrage, and quick cancellation. Not only do the critics of these shows want to refuse to acknowledge youth attractiveness, but they also do not want it shown how many adults have this attraction base, since that threatens to "normalize" both in the public eye.


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