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You sure it was Open Hands?

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, December 10 2022 at 5:44:08PM
In reply to Is jd420 around these days? posted by Dissident on Thursday, December 08 2022 at 8:28:04PM

I think I was here before you, and I know jd was here before me. Did you start at OH before here?

I had completely forgotten about that site!

Also, I was absolutely certain you were formerly at DanPedo based on things you had said to me, but you corrected me that you had never been a poster there.

His last reply to me was one I never read. I felt it was going to lead to a big argument for which I didn't have the energy at the time to engage. He seemed to fade out when the BLM/Antifa stuff puttered out. Suffice it to say, we had many differing views. (I rarely say something like that publicly, since it provides an "in" to hostile players looking to seed conflict. Another reason I somewhat hate message boards compared to chat rooms.)

Another thing which left a bad taste in my mouth was watching him absolutely unload on Baldur in the chat for something that seemed rather petty, and then logging out without giving him the chance to reply. Baldur didn't deserve that. Baldur has honest believes and is one of the most level-headed people we have, even toward people he disagrees with.

I can never get my head around those who demand censorship over debate, or secondly, boycott over debate. That was what you and I, and nearly everyone who tried our best to build GC into an interesting and worthy place used to value more than anything else. Open honest debate.

Speaking of, wasn't it you who threw the name Matt Taibbi a while back in terms of journalist types we agreed we liked? I wonder what you think of him now, since, similar to Glenn Greenwald, some people are tempted to throw them to the curb once their moral convictions no longer match the reposturings that occur on both the Left and the Right. Stand firm on your beliefs, and you create a new bastion on haters who are mobile in terms of their own.

(Of course, I am referencing the censorship being revealed on Twitter, which is a complete surprise and shock to some.)


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