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Well then. Let's talk FIREARMS!

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, December 07 2022 at 03:12:54AM

Even though I've been a staunch US second amendment supporter throughout my GC archive (validated and ingrained into me during the times when we were hunted down by vigilantes arriving on our doorsteps thanks to public record database websites and mainstream media egging on unstable crazies to murder us), I figured meh, what the heck. Now that I'm a "rightist" (whatever the hell that means), I might as well re-visit those times, yeah? That's what a rightist does after all, yeah?

Sadly, as much as I do support the right to bear arms by citizenry, the fact is, I don't really know all that much about them in terms of functionality. In terms of a handgun, I was always drawn to what I think is a Colt 1911 (think Magnum P.I.), mainly because they looked cool to me ever since my little green army man figure held one when I was a child who liked traditional male toys. However, I have heard they are sort of old technology and possibly have a tendency to jam or not be as accurate as a Glock or Sigsauer or whatever those are. I don't really know which handgun would be best for dealing with someone showing up on my doorstep with homicide on their mind, though as far as I know, my address is not on any public websites. Still, you never know. It's good to be prepared (that's called being a "prepper" for all you "non-rightists").

In terms of a rifle, I always sorta liked the M-4. It's a little more compact than say, an AK, and I read once that these are meant for use in closer quarters, or even urban combat should the food supply chain be purposely compromised, and the big man in the neighborhood comes to your door with his band of thugs, demanding all your ramen and mac & cheese. Not really sure which firearms suit these purposes best. I do like nostalgia, but not so much that I sacrifice reliability for a cool classic look. Any advice appreciated.

Which reminds me. Back in the day, girl lovers had a few vids circulating of very pretty little girls doing some incredibly badass target shooting, nearly jaw dropping in their marksmanship skills. Sure to elicit a "DAMNNN!!" from anyone. I think one may have had a pink rifle. Another one, shown to me (maybe by Demosthenes?) had another girl tearing apart a rifle piece by piece and putting it all back together with a timer going and with blazing speed.

Safety First!

I haven't looked around, but I hope vids like this are still out there on the interwebs. Those little girls ROCKED!


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