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I remember the name.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, October 12 2022 at 07:45:29AM
In reply to Lysander/Leucosticte passed away posted by starlet_Luver on Tuesday, October 11 2022 at 11:19:10PM

LUnfortunately, like so many, I don't remember the content. All I see in my head is a small cured pepperoni-like sausage which I used to buy when I was poor, which may be spelled similarly.

Jaded as I am by the rampant fakeness of the online world, I don't believe deaths (or other tragedy) unless I've known offline the person telling me.

Otherwise, I presume it to be all just so much cosplay.

This is why I occasionally express sentiment for someone I knew IRL from BC whom I could also verify had passed, while I still feel ongoing anger about the claimed fate of someone else I knew IRL from GC, told to me by someone I never met and could never verify to be true nor honest.

That's a shitty thing to do to someone (to me, to be specific). OTOH, it was always par for the course at these boards. I got to watch someone from BC start weeping while visiting him, because some idiot decided to claim the teen he had known, died in a fucking plane crash. After nobody could find any news reports... Turned out.. oh, sorry. We were both just fakers. (I don't know all the details).

Stupid (naive?) emotional investment on the part of the elderly person I was visiting.

Of course, many people today see no difference in personal value between connection to fake and real identities.

That is a sentiment who's perplexity will one day sideline me from the internets altogether, but at least these pedo places helped me understand the toxicity of Twitter and its various bot armies far earlier than many. Social websites quickly became the new playgrounds of the disaffected at best, and the new weapon for the organized-itinerant at worst.

Here's to hoping your tears for Lysander were shed only after reliable verified reality, and not merely wasted on rampant juvenile cosplay or a "New nic, kill off old nic, start over." mentality.

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