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Lysander/Leucosticte passed away

Posted by starlet_Luver on Tuesday, October 11 2022 at 11:19:10PM

I have posted this at VoA so I thought it was best for me to post it here as well.

Nathan Larson/Lysander@BC/Leucosticte@GC passed away

Some here may think that I would be rejoicing about this news, but after I got confirmation that this is indeed true, I felt a sense of deep sadness come over me. I have been fighting and warning the community about the dangers of this person in front of and behind the scenes for years. Nathan Larson was a dangerous person, not just to this community or those around him (especially women and children), but he was a danger to himself most of all.

But I cried when a staff member confirmed this to me, and I'm still crying as I type this message. In the short time that I had to process this news, I selfishly looked inward and tried to understand why I had tears running down my face for a person I labeled a monster. If he had the chance to see beyond his pain, I'm sure he'd label himself a monster as well. For in his writing over the years, he spoke of reading GOD's words. Not so much in an interpersonal way it seems, but to use those words as a tool to further his point in a calculating manner to share his hatred and confusion. So he knew the label would fit him because of his incredible intelligence he possessed as well as the upbringing he had if he had the chance to go beyond his pain.

But yet, I still cried :(

I had written a whole page and a half about my feelings regarding this news, but I deleted the post because perhaps I am not ready to truly process this yet.


Much Love,

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