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I Am Still *Absolutely Horrified* By Youth-anasia

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, October 07 2022 at 05:09:46AM

Some time ago.. (my sense of time is not as sharp as it used to be for the sake of greater accuracy).. I experienced some horror here, about a young teen girl in the Netherlands who "successfully" got herself granted the "right"... to kill herself. She then went ahead and did it.

Even more disturbing to me personally, was the fact that I seemed to receive quite a "spirited" push back from a few, who were centered on rights alone.

It was disturbing to me, that these replies did not take into account the rather common belief amongst teens who have relatively few years of roladex experiences to draw from in their lives so far lived, are often presuming FAR TOO SOON conclusions of living life.

I know far too many cases of people with terrible early experiences in life, who later broke out of them, or managed to find a rage within themselves to finally claim their life and make it worth living. Sometimes, this was not achieved until well into middle age, and I am certain sometimes it arrives even later.

For a country I adored most of my life, for its history, its classic astounding painters, its pretty little girls, and for quite some time its "progressive" attitudes... this becomes a hard-braking stop on whatever road they have paved for the world to follow.

I know all of you have your own beliefs, but I'm not onboard with whatever's going on in those lowlands anymore. Sorry. A little part of me hopes all the pretty LG's get to higher ground and then the country gets reclaimed by the seas of this climate change that makes it dire to place civilization into shackles for its own safety over freedom.

It is evil for any nation or collective to give the go-ahead for emotionally suffering kids to kill themselves, and I will never think otherwise.


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