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This real life joke may not be as good in English

Posted by griffith on Wednesday, August 10 2022 at 09:46:01AM in the original language, but... it can be understood. I heard it now when I was meeting my old schoolmates.

First some background.

Finnish, interjection: SEIS! = STOP!
(Originally the second-person singular imperative... Having been used as such an established interjection, seis is generally no longer considered a verb form.)

Finnish: uuno, originally the male name Uuno (Uno); has deteriorated to mean stupid, a blockhead (colloquially).

My old schoolmate is an engineer, but he is also a male athlete, nowadays a senior sportsman. He told that once he was taking part in a sports meeting in Spain and his number was 616. He was just preparing for his performance, when the sports official/announcer** pointed at him with his finger and shouted: Seis, uuno, seis!

My friend said that he froze for a moment. What he heard were the words "Stop, blockhead, stop!" He wondered: Why are they pointing at me and calling me "uuno" as far as in Spain and why am I refused to participate? Has the ban come from my home country: that uuno must not be allowed to take part in the competition? Only then did he realize that "seis, uno, seis" was his shirt number.

**I don't know what this is even in my own language.

And no, 616 is the same as 666, but it has absolutely no relevance in this message.


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