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boy are you late to that party.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, July 13 2022 at 04:25:22AM
In reply to Thinning posted by luckless on Monday, July 11 2022 at 10:56:06PM

But, curious: How many posts create this "spam" of which you speak?

Summer months aside (historically slow, lolis out of school and free), this place is long dead in the water, but still fun to post to for some with access who don't require approval responses to maintain a personal interest of free expression.

Also, it's a clearnet legacy format. Pining for political approval where national or global stability is tanking anyway is "HARD", and becomes a non-necessity to younger pervs anyway. One has to admit, they're sorta right. Which authority entity will you need approval from in a soon-failed society? That's a laughable concept to many, and makes this place rather dated.

Also, darknet provides boards and chats to get your primal wankety-wank freak on, with hundreds or thousands to interact with. Much more instant gratification there. So those same aforementioned people could be said to be spiraling downward to disaster. Who am I to know which is true?

Nobody is being registered here. Nobody has the access keys to the basic parts of the site anymore. There was clearly an unmentioned catastrophic failure of some sort here long ago.

Then again, why rely on its phallic-centered owners to keep investing THEIR efforts after 20+ years? I think they did a pretty good job for us cootie-loving GL's. (Does anyone else remember a childhood game involving cooties and building a caterpillar? My early blond Scottish GF I played "doctor" with, and who was supposed to be my wife someday, owned this game. A cloudy early memory.)

As for the chat? No idea. Many did not have chat access even with board access. My understanding was, other than early registrants, you had to request chat access. We've had a few people who show up Saturday nights US-time. Anyone can join us or set up their own alternate meet-up time with others. Some people cannot handle seeing views outside their own, so they boycott. GC was always a place for free expression and tolerance of differing views. That doesn't mean you don't have to defend the logic of your own views when others take a different stance, but beating a dead horse is also not encouraged. At some point one must accept someone else believes something different, and that we are not as correct and special as we may have been taught to believe. Still, some people get offended at having to explain their beliefs.

Mostly, though, we like to talk about anything cerebral or anything girl-related.


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