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20yrs from now.We're tolerated.But theres an issue

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, May 11 2022 at 04:09:25AM

So for a lotta years, I've noticed something as someone attracted to females who are younger than what is, shall we say, "socially acceptable".

There exist some adult women out there, whom I seem to oftendetect, are part of television infomercials. Far be it from me to cheapen them with stereotyping, but I am about to cheapen them with sterotyping.

I just receive impressions, that while they are likely in their 50's, they are still working extra hard to appear to be around 30. Nobody believes it (obviously), but they've likely had a good gig going for several decades and might even have a history of being pampered. As a result, they have also likely had "more than 2" plastic surgeries to keep the "30-thing" going. And yet, I feel an innocence there, probably even more so, knowing their elderly man has probably long lost interest in them physically. They've come to terms with that part, but please don't cut me off monetarily, as I am now an eternal trophy-girl with no actual skills and I bought into all of this for narcissistic high-rollers like you way back when I didn't know any better, and probably my daddy had a part in spoiling me too much as well.

Well, for many years I've laughed at such women. Look at them still trying in vane to lie and look younger.

Like the title says, it's 20 years from now and girls are allowed to choose older men as lovers. However, there are unforeseen social consequences. Girls get older. Some are now reaching the ripe old age of 30, and ugh, total cringe: they are STILL trying to appear as little girls. They have bows in their hair. They are jumping rope trying to not let their giant tits flop all over the place. They are HITTING on us, GIRL lovers!

We don't want to be rude. We appreciate their earlier selves, but bleck! It just looks so sad and pathetic. Seriously, what will we do??

My fantasies of relationships with young girls always included some instructions, something like thus:

"I love you as you are now, as a young girl. In a few more years, you will be older, and OTHER grownup men will start noticing you. This is normal, and you will be older too. It will be diffurnt from what we have now, and that will be normal. You will NEVER have to pretend to be a different age. Always be the age you really are. That will be all you need to do. If a guy wants you to act a different age than you are, then that will not be a guy you want to get close to."

I wonder about such future things.



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