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Why do teachers do this?

Posted by LOD on Saturday, April 23 2022 at 05:03:57AM

A teacher with Collier County Public Schools is in hot water. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office says an investigation determined that the teacher put a video camera in a bathroom at Pinecrest Elementary School in Immokalee.

Diego Alberto Rojas-Pulido is facing one count of video voyeurism – offender 24 or older and victim under 16. This is a second-degree felony.

CCSO says the three students discovered what they thought was a video recording device attached to a metal toilet paper holder. This was in a bathroom near where Rojas-Pulido was teaching on Tuesday.

But, Rojas-Pulido apparently removed the device later in the day, students said. On Wednesday one of the students told a school counselor, who then reported it to Pinecrest’s principal and CCSO. The district removed Rojas-Pulido from the school.

I don't understand why an elementary school teacher would put a hidden camera in the bathroom. I know it seems obvious: he wants to see kids naked or at least with their pants pulled down.

But why would you risk everything just for that? Was he a pedophile who just lost touch of his coping abilities and said to himself "Fuck it. I'm doing this."

When kids are sitting on the toilet they get bored, you can bet they look around and are likely to notice something strange. It's all a matter of time before you are caught and then your life is over.

The guy had a job where he gets to meet kids every year and is rewarded with the privilege of teaching them and helping make their lives better and he flushes it all away for some toilet video.

This is how you become the homeless guy who smells like piss and alcohol and lives under a bridge. Don't ever push your luck too far.

• ( https link ) Elementary Teacher Puts Camera in Bathroom

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