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Weak(young) vs. Strong(old) Human Dynamic Patterns

Posted by Children First! on Tuesday, April 19 2022 at 9:44:34PM
In reply to Why is this world so controlled by age controll? posted by Robert777 on Tuesday, April 19 2022 at 7:33:18PM

I want less control too.

I personally want a form of anarchy that is the more positive definition found in the dictionary: the organization of society on the basis of voluntary cooperation, without political institutions or hierarchical government. It sounds good, and it can be good as long as people work together. It is possible. And will probably happen by default anyway. I am looking into the future between the years 2042 - 2078. Things will be very interesting around this time. I guarantee it.

Why are there these age controls everywhere NOW?
-Decisions over time made from observing and studying and testing weak(young) vs. strong(old) human dynamic patterns, where the older, stronger patterns win most of the time since the game of human life here is all about surviving, succeeding, stability, sustainability, and becoming prosperous. In other words - not dying, not getting hurt, just continuing comfortably. Our elders and ancestors are to blame - but is there not a positive side to what you deem to be negative, oppressive and constricting? I know what you mean though. Don't get me wrong - I do agree with you and want the same as you in a way.

Back to the 'patterns'. Many patterns get very messy quickly when they combine with other patterns.
In this case, other human patterns that are completely unnatural to the real world. Unnatural human patterns like capitalism, economics that combine with natural patterns such as mortality and crime rates.

Back to the human game and using such patterns to someone's benefit (and someone else's detriment) in this example I have created about money specifically:

money = symbolic of amount of energy used in the past = illusion of power at present = unnatural power currency within community = fluctuation of human honesty = a human game of winners and losers manifested by the ego = greed = devious impulse to alter a community = ability to control everyone unfairly over time = corruption of government = regulation of community services = limitation of convenient and natural services = unnatural quality of life = damaged human spirit = unhappiness.

Currently all the patterns are about 'success', not happiness. That is why the world fucking sucks right now with it's age restrictions. Such combinations of patterns are unnatural, and yes, very destructive.

No matter what, human consciousness must still be controlled to some degree no matter which direction we take. We can't reverse the process of mental evolution/'progress'.

Human brains are different from our animal neighbors. We have the ability to destroy things over time. Unfairness, illusions and imbalance corrupt our world.

I'm only writing a little to keep this short. I hope you understand. Peace!

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