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Et tu, Hierophant?

Posted by Dissident on Tuesday, March 29 2022 at 1:41:29PM
In reply to Not even close to dirty enough posted by hierophant on Tuesday, March 29 2022 at 0:23:29PM

Okay, let's talk about illegal acts, particularly war-mongering. This, however, forces us to stop focusing solely on what Putin did and conveniently overlooking why he did it. It also means putting the USA and all other nations to the same standards of behavior that we hold nations we may dislike.

I would say breaking a treaty or accord that you signed in good faith should be illegal. You know, like the Minsk Accords that the USA agreed to with Russia after the Soviet Union was dissolved to never expand NATO beyond Germany. Why do we expect Putin to ignore not only the constant breaking of this deal over the past few decades, to the point of bringing these hostile forces right to his doorstep when the USA government didn't tolerate Russia moving weapons close to America's doorstep via Cuba in 1962?

Then there is the matter of impugning Putin for his illegal act when the USA has been committing such illegal acts against numerous nations in the Middle East over the past two decades with nary a complaint in the mainstream media. Why is war only bad when some nation other than the USA or one of its approved allies (read: flunkies) initiates it?

We can keep ignoring all of the above, but it doesn't change the fact that Putin is doing exactly what the USA wanted him to do, nor does it change the fact that the USA has done the same thing numerous times.

Tell Zelensky to stop being a puppet of the USA and NATO and tell Putin that Ukraine will not join NATO. Then tell him to tell the USA that he is not going to let them use him and the Ukrainian people to fight a proxy war for NATO so that American munitions corporations can continue profiting off of war, and so the government can continue creating more rationalizations to justify censorship and financial penalization of anyone who dissents against the USA policy of perpetual war.


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