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The sad part is

Posted by Sobakevich on Monday, March 21 2022 at 01:02:02AM
In reply to An emaciated girl posted by Plyushkin on Saturday, March 19 2022 at 0:28:56PM

Russians have willingly forgotten the history. The willingness has been force-fed upon them by the constant bombardment of nationalist propaganda tailored specifically toward older, familiar with Soviet Era repressions, population.
Putin's memories of being abandoned by Moscow while stationed in Germany during the Berlin Wall revolution have been the driving force of his ardent push to unify Russia, no matter the cost.
The threat of Ukraine joining NATO is like a spider on the wall he cannot reach to smite, fortifying his morbid xenophobia toward Ukraine people.

What is worse, is that Americans show staunch support for Putin, in some ways exceeding support they'd had shown for Trump.

It is amazing, at the same time sad to watch people's minds being played like a fiddle.

One day and that will come when Russia surrenders.

I know because Ukrainians will fight until their last breath. And I know that because Ukrainians are "ёбнутые" when it comes to defending their motherland.

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