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Those who supported

Posted by Sobakevich on Monday, March 21 2022 at 02:01:10AM
In reply to Americans show staunch support for what? posted by Butterfly Kisses on Monday, March 21 2022 at 01:11:15AM

Find withing themselves the gall to support the invasion as they wish Jan 06 had a different outcome.
All my "Russian" friends are no more. And after this, they are stricken out of my life.
I am Ukrainian by birth, I was born in Kyiv. I don't need anyone's pity.
I wanted to go and fight for Ukraine, but the voice of reason prevailed. And I've been helping friends stuck, now fled to Check Republic, with all I could without recording my charitable efforts as some love to do.
> I don't give a fuck what Americans feel/think about the invasion.
Average Americans, spoiled by indulgent life, will never - as hard as they try to pretend - understand the turmoil my people are going through.

As for Russia doing business-as-usual with Asian countries, it is a known fact that India and China contain a double or even a triple population of Europe, the USA, and Canada combined. And to lose that market is to be completely stupid for Putin.

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