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Remember Humanist?

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, January 15 2022 at 00:39:08AM
In reply to Screwing On Thinking Cap posted by Eeyore on Friday, January 14 2022 at 04:34:46AM

Humanist was the liberal mental health practitioner and fellow MAP who was quite prominent here as a poster and moderator during the 2000s. He was very smart, and I liked many of his posts, but he eventually came to loathe me quite a bit, and he could get very nasty during debates. Part of his eventual dislike for me was the fact that he was the type of post-1970s liberal who was serving as a prototype for the "woke" culture of today that detects instances of racism, misogyny, and what we today call "microaggressions" in every other conversation they see, even from strong egalitarians like myself. Any time anyone had a disagreement with a feminist or a female poster, they were misogynists. My dislike of political correctness ran afoul of his temper many times.

If you recall, he also hated Seamus quite a bit, and he later stepped down as a mod when the GC administration of that time almost universally made the hilarious error of coming to the conclusion that he had been arrested and replaced by a LEO impersonator. Watching the latter play out on the board here for a few weeks was extremely amusing to probably everyone other than Humanist and the GC administration of the time.

Humanist also hated my lengthy posts, and he once referred to them as "diss-erations". I found that name amusing rather than the put-down it was intended to be, however, and I adopted it myself, even using it as the name of my long-departed website that was hosted by the long-departed GL Garden (remember that?).


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