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Screwing On Thinking Cap

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, January 14 2022 at 04:34:46AM
In reply to Checking in and questions answered posted by Dissident on Thursday, January 13 2022 at 7:30:41PM

Ohh, Dissy... My memory of those days fails me sometimes. I am but an old petting zoo attraction now, fed carrot sticks and sugar cubes by LG's who once in a while try to milk me. I have few other pleasures left now, but I shall never surrender to the glue factory. I want to say it was a moderator who had to read all of your posts in full. In those days we were under the watchful national eye, as some sort of highly dangerous group, daring to speak out, and I remember our numbers were 9,000, and we were all raping children, as Oprah's soccer moms gasped. The horror. The horror...

'Cept that was just Opruh getting trolled for our history books.

Had to be someone used to confronting you as your elder... was it.. Puzzled? The only other moderator-ego large enough to scold you would possibly be Lindsay. I dunno if Puzz was still around by then, but I'm gonna go with "Who is, Puzzled?" (This will be a Final Jeopardy question one day, I am sure of it. We are SURELY next up behind the trannie breakthrough!)

WAIT! Hold on, I think I remember now. Dante? Puzzled was gone by those days (he once hotly scolded me for fantasizing about naughtiness with sleeping girls), and Amatour was by then a destitute refugee begging at a Middle East consulate, if Infinity was to be believed. Strange community we stepped into back then, wasn't it. Dante. Final answer!

Newgon.. any relation to Degon? I think I mixed up my belief of you magically knowing things I had told someone from DP, possibly him. As a result, I thought you to be Degon.

Did we ever speak by phone? Please clear my foggy memory of this.

Have you noticed our predecessor jd is still among the living, the non-imprisoned, and the still-posting? You should really get some love (in the form of utter anarchal contempt) for old times' sake. Elder respect where due.

I'm glad somebody reported my post about you to you. This was always my hope after all:)

Balder, myself, and a few others are in the chat sometimes, 12am Sundays, Saskatoon time. Whoops, didn't mean to give away your city:-/

Are you ready for this approaching mega-storm? Are we secured to ride this out, no matter our views? Glad to know you're alive and kicking, black belt. I hoped for the best, had feared the worst.

(re-link that 3-hour video from Tomcat over here sometime if you will.)


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