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"Delet This."

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, January 09 2022 at 8:00:46PM
In reply to Controversy: Matilda Lawler is lovely posted by Jape on Friday, January 07 2022 at 03:54:47AM

There are always people trying to control the direction of conversation according to their own moral dictates or forced personal latency. I believe the term for it at one place used to be called "moralfagging".

Now that's not to say there is no line or that everyone's line is in a different place, but I'm personally talking about places like those legal fully clothed image boards I used to lurk at once upon a chubby. There were always a few posters at those places seemingly obsessed with the images of beautiful young girls, to the point of knowing all their names or photography sources, and meticulously cataloging all of their available content in accordance with the organizational gratification they experience from their spectrum, I presume.

And yet the second anyone dared call the girl sexy or hot, they would clutch their pearls and be a total scold. Now I've since realized that there is a percentage who are drawn to the girl love community not necessarily because they find little girls to be an ideal romantic or love fantasy, but because they er.. well, they literally do clutch their pearls, with male fantasies of BEING girls instead of just wanting them.

Others, it seemed to me anyway, had yet to overcome their own feelings of guilt to admit any feelings of physical arousal. While others might admit these feelings and still declare them terrible or something to never act upon, I think many of these particular people had still not been able to leave their denial behind. To admit the truth to themselves was too painful, and they had somehow managed the mental acrobatics to keep convincing themselves that they were *not* aroused, in spite of being obsessed and spending all their waking hours devoted to probing the internet for girl images. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

So for these people, you infuriate them that their objects of ideal purity and reverence are something you are, shall we say, churning your butter to.

Then again, I was always a believer that "there are no girls on the internet", so perhaps some people were just actual girl-attracted females who didn't like the idea of guys drooling over the same girls they loved or something.

I don't know if this post had a point, other than to say not everyone is thinking the way we are, even if we assume they must be, when they are drawn to the same topic or material. I just know I personally don't like being scolded when I consider my moral arguments for my beliefs, and someone shaking their finger at me who is still feeling ashamed of their own woody feels pretty damned annoying.

By the way, I know someone with an autographed copy of Station Eleven. I had no idea there was anything interesting to our attraction in it.


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