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Controversy: Matilda Lawler is lovely

Posted by Jape on Friday, January 07 2022 at 03:54:47AM

I was on another site that I lurk on (not a member anymore!). It's not a GL site but a site about nudity in mainstream media. A guy asked if there was any nudity (specifically from the adult Mackenzie Davis) in "Station Eleven".

A guy, well liked on that site, responded:

"Matilda Lawler, her character younger self simply blew her miles away for me in terms of acting and loveliness."

Now I don't think he meant it the way you guys or I would mean it.

But some dipsh!t had to chime in with a

"Not a huge fan of the idea of a 13 year old’s “loveliness” blowing you away."

I don't think he meant anything pedophilic by it, which is Funny because the show definitely has the topic of an unconsummated adult/child relationship on it's mind.

This sort of thing happens on that site all the time. People talk about legal scenes with 14, 15, 16yos and are instantly accused of being perverts. It's sickening.

Especially since I think he just means her demeanor and acting is lovely which it is but she's hot af too haha

What say you guys?

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