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He probably meant salacious, like Jon Benet stuff.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 01 2022 at 6:38:06PM
In reply to EVERY organization has this "problem" posted by Joey Bishop on Monday, December 27 2021 at 04:57:50AM

Like, how many decades are they going to be allowed to make money off the murder of a little girl with repeated insincerity about heartfelt concern beyond the giant dollar sign she pulls in, showing her prancing around a stage in a little cowgirl outfit? I mean they're still showing that clip to this day, decades later. Total exploitation. They don't give a flying F about her nor any of Bundy's victims or their families, who have to endure the remade stories seemingly forever.

I get it. It's fascinating, but so it death and destruction of all kinds. Does that mean throwing it in our faces forever is better than showing positive things in the world?

It is media feeding upon the public's most base alluring instincts, not so different than the need people have to look at the blood and bodies of a traffic accident as they pass by it. And they feed it to us happily. And they make bank doing it.

At the same time, these stories are a sort of weapon against the collective psyche of a society. They are enough to, say, make hitchhiking a thing of the past, or even stop allowing your kids to play in the yard or go to the park.

I'm simplifying this of course, because there are many other factors at work at the same time. Society itself is no longer held responsible for bad behavior, no longer seems to shame even horrific behavior. That behavior, it seems to me, comes back again and again to various forms of manipulating media.. tv, movies, music, all giving a venue to not just the rebellious, but to the utterly profane and destructive, a spotlight, a place for a person who doesn't know good from bad to seep oneself into it and revel in, without the need to defend it.

All this can be historically documented, that is, media's continued devolution over a time span of decades, and all its forms are inhabited and controlled by a lot of individuals (not all) who simply hate everything that lends itself to a civilized people, and want to chip away at any reality or civil society conditions that actually allow kids to go out and play without fear of serious danger. They fail at promoting general principles which directly tells anyone that their evil desires to inflict harm and generate grief are something to be ashamed of anymore (girl love not being something evil in my view, with the appropriately long-pondered arguments needed to defend position from a moral standpoint).

No, they would prefer to make money from dramatized real life examples of social traffic accidents and feed people these references for their moral rolodex. Once you have heard the stories, just turn to social media and quickly find all the places that celebrate things you once thought might not be acceptable to others. Where big media can still not outright glorify your darkest thoughts and urges without backlash, social media is there to pick up the slack with completely anonymous food for negative thought.

What do people have today in their conscience to take pause, to feel that something, some urge, to denigrate victims, to make money from them, or to reenact vile depictions and leave hundreds or more in mourning for many years? A lot of people have nothing to reference anymore, no moral rolodex of any kind.


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