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EVERY organization has this "problem"

Posted by Joey Bishop on Monday, December 27 2021 at 04:57:50AM
In reply to CNN has kiddy sex problems posted by hierophant on Friday, December 17 2021 at 00:33:21AM

Men are attracted to teen girls. Including the chuds who wrote that article condemning the "libs" at CNN for it. We're forced to pretend it's pedophilia these days and condemn it. I was attracted to girls that age when I was aligned with the right and of course I still am now that I'm on the left. If anything, the right wingers indiscriminately calling leftists pedophiles or pedophile enablers just gives me plausible deniability, LOL. And on the left, the acceptance of trans kids is a nice proxy war for freedom of choice. Might turn into something down the road, you never know...

By the way, CNN and the liberal establishment hasn't been drumming the war wagon against us for quite some time. Actually, they tried to throw us a bone 5-7 years back by writing some friendly tester articles about "virtuous pedophiles" and all that. But the right-wing backlash was so immense that they backed off and now the right is going crazy with the Q-type shit...

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