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In his defense

Posted by Hajduk on Monday, November 22 2021 at 2:05:22PM
In reply to Baldwin posted by Sobakevich on Monday, November 22 2021 at 02:30:48AM

With the onslaught of high-quality CGI in movies, why cinematographers use prop guns is beyond me.

Because they favor better acting. They can have the right weight, force the right body language and have recoil. All of that could be simulated but it would be more difficult. That's why super hero movies are so expensive.

And unlike Dick Cheyney who should have known better about the gun safety

I've never been convinced that was accidental.

Baldwin was taking part in movie-making, his mind was - I'd hope - set on performance and not on following gun safety required when handling firearms.

Because of his 2nd Amendment positions he may not know the first thing about it. Still, as an actor and more so at that level, he is supposed to be able to rely on production for things like that. Suppose he is making coffee in a scene but someone poisons the water. Is he supposed to chemically test it before making the coffee?

See, the US justice system is founded on institutional racism, money, and fame. If you are white and don't have any of that you'd be OK.

Rosenbaum himself is proof against it. In general, Whites easily lead convictions for pedo crimes, both contact, solicitation and KP. And both in absolute numbers and % of convicts vs % of population. Same for most blue collar crimes. If there was institutional racism then the same % scale there is with most crimes would be present in pedo crimes. Same for how so few women are convicted of anything at all.

The justice system is effed up in many ways but this is not one of them.

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