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Posted by Sobakevich on Monday, November 22 2021 at 02:30:48AM
In reply to Make no mistake posted by Hajduk on Sunday, November 21 2021 at 10:53:25AM

With the onslaught of high-quality CGI in movies, why cinematographers use prop guns is beyond me.
And unlike Dick Cheyney who should have known better about the gun safety, Baldwin was taking part in movie-making, his mind was - I'd hope - set on performance and not on following gun safety required when handling firearms.
See, the US justice system is founded on institutional racism, money, and fame. If you are white and don't have any of that you'd be OK. Otherwise, you are royally fucked, and would have had lengthy incarceration handed down.

[I'd been involved in an altercation where late in the evening a group of delinquent blokes carried an AR15 look-alike pellet gun w/o orange tip, shooting up passing cars. One of those pallets hit my car, chipping the windshield. I could have continued my journey, but something nudge me to stop and act. I'd made a citizen arrest, exercised my rights, and used my firearms to detain offenders (one of them had managed to run away). I was petrified when the cops arrived. Lucky for me they didn't take me as the perpetrator and shot me. I thank it for the color of my skin. I also got lucky, thank heavens to people with mobile phones, I had a witness who recorded the interaction and willingly surrendered the footage to the cops. Yes, I had to hire a lawyer. The matter had swiftly resolved after the judge saw the evidence. My CCP had been restored and no charges were filed against me.]
But to this day, I imagine if those young men carried a real AR15! What would then my chances of survival have been?

So the right to self-defense is essential to any law-abiding citizen in the USA.

And if liberals and democrats want citizens to think otherwise they will be losing more and more elections.

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