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Baldur, our "Girls in the Boy Scouts" topic!

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, November 21 2021 at 6:01:58PM

So you and I have discussed many of the things you posted below in the chat already. We clearly agree and disagree on different subjects as well as what our suspicions are for current events and future imposed realities on the public will be, and how benign or nefarious they are.

However, it was really amusing to me that after our conversation yesterday. Girl scouts and selling cookies seems to come up often at GC, but lately so does letting girls become boy scouts. (Baldur is warm to the idea and claims scouts are co-ed in other countries. I am cold to the idea, believing boys and girls (with rare obvious exceptions) are two different things and rightly should be learning things that foster their equally important but different roles in society.)

So it was funny that while flipping through tv channels, I came across an episode of The Brady Bunch called The Liberation of Marcia Brady, from 1971.

Now, having always considered Marcia to be a sexy young bombshell, I naturally stopped my channel surfing for a moment to take her in. The show was already in reruns when I was a kid, but still popular. She was so hot, and I later discovered old commercials of her, even younger, basically selling Barbie dolls, as any classic girly girl would have done early in her acting career. They are my favorite kind of girls, no apologies.

So let me give my personalized summary. The episode starts out with some liberal California news crew going to the local junior high school, claiming to be looking for the opinions of girls on the new "women's lib" movement. (I forgot about this episode and already I start bristling, but I am willing to endure it just to see luscious slender Marcia in her classic feminine school dress.) The reporter asks other girls about it, but only Marcia seems able to speak coherently to an adult. He asks her what she thinks, and she starts out innocently, saying God created us all to be equals or some crap, (totally not what's taught by christians, btw, but whatever, I let it slide since her eyes are so sparkly).

But the dude starts putting ideas into her impressionable young mind! "Well, do you have brothers? Do they ever make fun of you just for being a girl?" WTF IS THIS SHIT!?!? Arghh. Now I am really getting pissed. Why is a news crew trying to indoctrinate my Marcia into this crap?? She has NO IDEA how off the rails this lib movement will have gone 50 years later. NO idea!

"Don't listen to him, Marcia! Run away with your friends now!" I spill coffee on myself.

But it's no use. Now he's got Marcia under the spell. She starts thinking and gets angry, saying yes they do make fun of her, and gosh-darn it girls can do everything boys can do and all that garbage that makes some of us roll our eyes. It's too late. They have their claws in her already and her barbie doll at home is soon going to be sitting in the closet without the nurturing it needs from my fantasy child bride, I mean.. a girl practicing her mothering skills.

So what happens? Marcia decides to join Greg and their father and try out for the boy scouts.

Mike! You're a scout master, taking nubile young men camping in the forest, their bare chests glistening in the hot California sun as they work on their merit badges for you. I know your secret real-life preferences, Mike! Why are you letting GIRLS in BOY scouts, Mike??? WHYYY)

Meanwhile, you have that freckly, bitter second-fiddle headcase "Jan" declaring her support for feminist garbage. (Not surprising! Since none of the popular cute girls let her sit at their lunch table and none of the boys ever notice her when Marcia or Cindy are around! Bitter little backstabbing tattle-tale.)

So naturally, as the script goes, Marcia passes all the tests better than any boys ever did (another incredulous scoff), and she still looks pretty sexy in her scout uniform, with strands of golden hair flowing down from under her cap and over her scarf, but here's the kicker...

She SCOLDS her dad for calling her sweetie. WHAT? Are you effing kidding me?


I would have dragged her aside by the arm and said "LOOK HERE, Missy!" and given her a piece of my mind as a father who cared about her future. She'd eventually cry a little, but then we would hug and I would tell her how special she is as my daughter and how she would always be my little princess. Why?

Because yesterday it was trading the barbie doll and the miniskirt for a shovel and a pantsuit, and demanding not to be called a reverent feminine term of endearment.

Today, it's how soon can they ruin themselves with tattoo sleeves, piercings, ratty green hair, calling themselves "non-binary" (or trans, because their friend did so), and demanding what pronouns you use to address them.

Where are we going to get the mothers who bring the next generation of little Marcia Bradys into the world, I ask you!!

Well, I know the answer. And it's not from western society anymore. The casualties are the Marcia Bradys. We're being hoodwinked, I tell you. Our girls are being turned into non-procreating units full of pharmaceuticals and psych disorders.

And this is why my argument against girls in boy scouts is better than Baldur's. I just needed the Nradys to solidify my sound reasoning.


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