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I am no fan of the modern child love communities.

Posted by LGsouL on Thursday, October 07 2021 at 10:25:48AM

So largely I notice most of the more active child love communities seem to congregate on discord, twitter or the dark net. I avoid the dark net so I can't comment on that, however... twitter and discord.

It seems pedophiles have largely decided to try so hard to force themselves back into the LGBTXYZ community (that wants nothing to do with them) and with that they have decided to obsess of labels and mental illness.

So when I attempted to join these communities, I was bombarded with overly left leaning political newspeak, pronoun obsessions, lists of various mental illnesses and every other guy being MtF trans.

I get it, labels and victim hood is used as a very effective shield these days and pedophiles are eager to be shielded but... it will not help us.

Some wrongly think the LGBTXYZ community is somewhat on our side due to trans kids and drag kids. Nope. Kids are political weapons to these people and trophies of progressiveness.

Let me clarify that I am speaking in generalizations. Obviously this does not apply to all of these people, but definitely the majority.

The LGBTXYZ community still uses us as political punching bags. "See? We are the good guys, you can accept us! We hate those vile monsters too!"

IDK man but the online child love "movement" sucks now.

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