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I'm cool with brilliant female astronmers..??

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, October 02 2021 at 05:55:28AM
In reply to World's youngest astronomer posted by griffith on Friday, October 01 2021 at 1:22:28PM

Just speaking as one single individual like always..

Er... why wouldn't I be?

(I do suck at math, so, sorry for not knowing some secret answers.)

One of my lil cousins recently started checking the sky, but I have yet to reveal to her my witness of the black hang-glider-sized triangle back in 2004. I am shitting nobody. It actually happened, while I let my Doberman dog out to do his business in my yard.

It flew over my home. Slowly. Just above the trees. It looked like a hologram, though it probably wasn't.

I am not joking. It had dim white lights along the front edge of its wings. The red light in the middle. It was the same exact shape as the CIA thing that went down over Iran (The Sentinel?) and possibly sent to China for study.)

I got personally freaked. I know for certain I am not this important to anyone anywhere. So why did it hover over my humble abode before I learned about proxies????

Do not take the smarm as insincere. For it is, quite. I reported it to some official place long ago.

My sincere regards always to Brazil...

Also, our Brazilian girl is adorably intelligent.


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