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I had an Atari 800..

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, September 29 2021 at 04:59:46AM
In reply to Maybe I am old-fashioned, but... posted by griffith on Tuesday, September 28 2021 at 04:21:49AM

Probably unrelated.

But sadly, I only had a 410 tape drive prior to my 1050.

Still, my highly skilled computer-nerd friends got me onto the early internets with a so-called bulletin board. My favorite fellow board webmaster from Florida (we got along splendidly) was later rumored to have been busted by somehow breaking into the US "NORAD" computer system. I don't know for certain if that was true, only that he disappeared and multiple other board owners told me this.

Me? I was investigating "phreaking" (if I have the correct term) trying to build a device that made noises to make pay-phones release all their coins upon hearing particular tones. Needless to say, I never managed to make such a device.

Side note, I once told another bulletin board guy in his 30's what I looked like at my 12 years of age after expressing to him that I really wanted a better program. (I've told this before).

He drove several hours just to deliver a floppy disk to me in person.:D

I still remember, it was a beat up old Chevy Nova. I had a weird feeling and made my mother answer the door. She said he was very nice. Completely true story.


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