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Fairly against child marriage, still I disagree

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Wednesday, September 15 2021 at 5:22:58PM
In reply to Female Sexuality and the Fear of being Cuckolded posted by LOD on Wednesday, September 15 2021 at 02:26:15AM

Men for a long time have tried to suppress and control female sexuality and I think a lot of this is due to male insecurity and the fear many men have about being cuckolded.

Euh? Where was this exactly? Africa? The middle east where they worship the moon-god 'Allah' who is currently in control of our reality? You must be talking about those places, because all logic and reasoning, as well as history, show us that females in the western world, and others, were never oppressed any more than males were.

Human sexuality, not just female, has been suppressed throughout most of history.

Today in the west all males are oppressed much more than females. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail at this time (I have in other posts), but I will talk about about male sexuality. But before I do so, let me remind you that feminism also suppresses child sexuality. Children and men are the oppressed ones in the west.

Oppressing minor-attraction largely works against males. That's why we have this board: To think of ways to stop the oppression of minor-attraction.

But let's talk, again, about what today is still unfortunately known as "Circumcision".

It's common-sense that all equality, and gender-equality, should start at birth. But today in the western world, males still do not have that right. Feminist leaders and writers have spoken a long time (and I will provide quotes if asked) about how men need to oppressed, should be castrated, killed, have all their genitalia removed, etc.

Feminism today promotes male genital mutilation ('circumcision'). Take Killary and Oprah as examples. I always mention that. They spend billions funding 'circumcisions' for millions of males, and spend billions more fighting against it happening to females.

So I ask, whose sexuality is really oppressed more? "Circumcision" removes 70-80% of the nerves of the penis, and reduces pleasure by that much.

Then there's lack of Amerikkkan understanding about the foreskin as well. Amerikkkan medicine and pediatrics don't even know how to handle a foreskin properly. Often their procedures result in boys *needing* to be circumcised due to improper handling of the foreskin.

In the world as a whole, it is indeed male sexuality that is much, much less understood. Sorry to burst your bubble there.

While I do agree with a few of your points, LOD, this is another one I disagree with:

Another myth is that women don't care about looks as much as men. Bullshit. Women want to fuck hot studs. With the rise of social media sites like tiktok women are coming out and saying as much, unapologetically. There are many men who become nilhistic because of this. It's that fear of being cuckolded by younger, better looking men that draws their anger and insecurity.

Funny. I'm fat, not very good looking besides a few features, balding, etc. Yet I have quite a lot of women at my disposal (if I wanted them). I've also seen that it's not impossible for me to find an LGF, if I were to find take the risk and go for it (which I do not).

No, I think that it's again feminism being the culprit here. Just as feminism makes it impossible for sexually abused females to move on from the abuse due to the hysteria and anger it promotes, it tells women to care about the looks of men much more than they normally would. It's also society as a whole to blame due to the emphasis it puts on attractiveness. But women are definitely being taught to be greedy, hold high-standards, and never to settle for second-best. They are taught to achieve impossible goals. This is why so many women end up in abusive relationships. They go for the best looking guy who is usually a complete jerk, instead of going for a guy who is calm and gentle.

when a pedophile supports things like child marriage or is obsessed with "purity"

See my reply to the other poster. I believe it was Jape. I am largely against child marriage. And I'm certainly not obsessed with "purity" in LGs. So while I do blame the modern-day woman largely for the world's problems, I don't very well fit your description.

Me, personally, I dont give a shit about being cuckolded.

I do give a shit, because feminism is a big culprit oppressing me for being a minor-attracted-man, I'm angry about 20% of the world's males losing the best part of their penis, and that my sexuality is being suppressed.

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