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Female Sexuality and the Fear of being Cuckolded

Posted by LOD on Wednesday, September 15 2021 at 02:26:15AM

Men for a long time have tried to suppress and control female sexuality and I think a lot of this is due to male insecurity and the fear many men have about being cuckolded. Most men want a woman to desire him and only him otherwise she is seen as a slut and whore. With the rise of sites like Onlyfans where women are unapologetically making money from their sexuality there has come a great number of men who are angry and bitter about it, attacking not only the women who do it but also the men who support them with names like "simp" and "cuck" or the classic "beta male."

These men, the bitter ones, are often conservative in their politics and love to reminiscent about the "good old days" when women were faithful house wives who stayed home all day doing all the house work and raising kids. Then there are the extreme types, the really angry ones such as incels, who are even more radical and believe women shouldn't have any rights at all and that they should all be kept as sex slaves. Nathan Larson, who is now in prison where he belongs, would be an example of this type of extreme.

A lot of myths about female sexuality have been created to protect the egos of these angry men. One of the most prevalent myths is that girls are more asexual or less interested in sex than boys. This is why there is so much hypocrisy among men when it comes to an adult female having sex with a teenage boy versus when a teenage girl has sex with an adult male. There are a lot of delusional men out there who actually believe a teenage girl would have no desire for sex with a man over 18. It's completely out of touch with reality to say the least.

Another myth is that women don't care about looks as much as men. Bullshit. Women want to fuck hot studs. With the rise of social media sites like tiktok women are coming out and saying as much, unapologetically. There are many men who become nilhistic because of this. It's that fear of being cuckolded by younger, better looking men that draws their anger and insecurity.

While this bitter angry male attitude is mostly concentrated in hetero male circles, I unfortunately detect some of it in the girl love community. Maybe I'm wrong and I'm not trying to call anyone out, but when a pedophile supports things like child marriage or is obsessed with "purity" I get the feeling that there is a great level of insecurity and desire to possess a child and control them for their own needs.

Me, personally, I dont give a shit about being cuckolded. Im a pedo not looking for a wife. In fact I take pleasure listening to a girl's sexual desire and watching her confidence grow, even if I'm not the one she wants to fuck. Whenever I'm driving around with me niece who is now 13 she'll point at men who she thinks are hot and say some pretty x-rated things about them. I don't stop her, I just let her say however she feels. I think it's a privilege when a girl will tell you anything, but she won't if you act insecure and judgemental about it.

People can have their own opinions and desires. I'm not trying to start any thread war here. If you desire to wed a child and have her all to yourself who am I to say you are wrong? But I will say we are very different people with very different philosophies.

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