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Bill Maher had a recent viral rant..

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, September 14 2021 at 03:33:00AM
In reply to A shocking revelation from a niece of mine posted by Feliz on Monday, September 13 2021 at 4:25:35PM

(Wonder if any of this has been real by an old poster with a gothic sci-fi sig pic with captions that I can't imagine being chosen by person who is presently posting.. (being one example where archived posts would be helpful to all.))

Anywho... he said the murder rate in Honduras is 8 times that of the US. I hope your relatives are careful, though you said it is paradise.

Also, my first impression was, where are all your adult male relatives in all of this? What do they think?

Second impression, he might be a pimp, playing the long game, waiting for her mother to decide it is okay for her to go somewhere with him, and she doesn't return home.

And as LOD hinted, things are not so worshiping of LG's in many parts of the world. In fact, rape and forcible prostitution are quite common.

GC is a side effect of people who have comparable luxury and comfort to sit around contemplating the glories of little girls and catering to their needs and desires to help them become good women later. Much of the world.. well, things ain't like that.

I'd try to have one of your adult male relatives check him out. It's possible he's a harmless girl lover like the bespectacled ice cream guy I once met in another nearby country, but I don't trust other pedos around girls without knowing what drives them:p


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