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A shocking revelation from a niece of mine

Posted by Feliz on Monday, September 13 2021 at 4:25:35PM

When I went to my native country Honduras 3 years ago I met the daughter of my cousin. She was 9 years old and was very cute and very leggy. I told him to call me uncle. So she was another niece.
It hurt me a lot to return to the United States because I could not see her a lot. And she was very affectionate with me.
so in this year I went to my native country Honduras again and she is 11 years old. But you see, she is very developed, she already has many curves although she is only 11 years old. Also she is very precocious . She likes to make videos of Tik Tok as those girls of Cutie.
Once I invite her to the park to eat ice cream and she wanted to go elsewhere. I imagine that it could be that she wanted to see a friend of her.
When I returned to the United States I ask her by whatsapp why she wanted to go elsewhere while we were in the park. She told me that she wanted to see her boyfriend.
But it turns out that her boyfriend is 20 years old !!!!!!!!!!!!!
A grown man is in love with my niece of 11 years.
my niece lives with her grandmother who is my aunt. I asked my aunt about my niece's boyfriend. My aunt told me that man visits them but my aunt doesn’t leave them alone and doesn’t allows physical contact and doesn’t let my niece leave with him.
Then they are not boyfriends but my niece believes that they are. She is excited with him because he visits her. But the truth is that my aunt does not allow any physical contact between them.
I just hope that my niece doesn’t believes what this man tells her and that my aunt takes care of her because guest what people, my country Honduras is notorious infamous because it is full of underage girls who become pregnant. It is an epidemic over there.
But why my little niece of only 11 is in love with a man of 20?
could it be that she is precocious and finds boys of her age boring.
I am doing my part by telling her to look for boys her age. That man is to old for her.
I really really hope my aunt protects my little niece.
One final thing, my aunt doesn’t find weird or creepy that a grown man is in love with her 11 years old granddaughter.

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