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Awakened me from my IDGAFA slumber

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, September 10 2021 at 03:46:14AM
In reply to Responses posted by Lysithea on Thursday, September 09 2021 at 0:14:18PM

Thank you for this update which I did not see yesterday. I have often been treating Annabel like a whore ever since her keepers cut her loose and let her dye her hair green and start vaping with the boys from across town.

Um, I see going ahead with a new place as a positive in theory, especially given that nobody with control gives a rat's ass anymore. Not being so technically inclined myself, I started to suspect there might be some logical explanation about archive access, like, maybe somebody ran off with a password or something.

It seems some around here know how to manually access very old posts whenever they wish. It would therefore seem we have a few people talented enough to make a site dedicated to nothing else but anyone or everyone being able to scroll through the archives. That would be enough for me personally, but perhaps they were purposely disabled long ago for the security of individuals which was never expressed to me. I do remember there is a section of the early archive that was supposedly lost by accident. I am not privy to any "actual" reason the archive became inaccessible, but apparently it still is, so why not import it to a place an idiot like me can search for them?

Moving the entire site to a new place... That's a tough one. As much as I've bitched about those phallic-obsessive folk, I've known a very few of them and I at least know they are not out to bust anyone. Then again, how could some webmaster bust people on an old format message board these days? I have no idea.

Then there's the issue of board rules changing or even the "vision" changing and being steered in directions wanted by some but not by others.

All I really know is, this place is dead in the water, with two decades of great posters' efforts and ideas lost forever to the general public, though certainly very well archived by hostile entities.

Of course, if things improved, I'd have to start giving more of a shit about my own again. I've been enjoying my vacation from trying around here:p

Also, if something good came about, I would donate again. I'm not gonna donate to Sheepy's old dead links while BC gets updated all the time, however.

And really, let's be fair. How many years would any of you tech talented girl lovers invest time and effort into a boy board? You're lying! :p

In the end, I think any effort to do anything competently for GC ought to be applauded. Effort is in short supply in many places these days. We just happen to be a tragic example of its long term outcome.


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