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3rd Period (or, What I Did On My Independence Day)

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, July 05 2021 at 04:57:16AM

First and foremost, I donated to a charity that works against things I find to be a current living hell, socially speaking.

Later, I researched what blue-checks on Twitter interpret about current events, feeling a high degree of satisfaction as I added on to their assertions, but only in instances where I was "pretty sure" we were both in agreement within a fairly safe general public opinion window.

Of course, then I found myself feeling a little bit "randy" and searched and found some rather old and very legal visual material which satiated my odd-to-some adoration of young girl feet. Luckily there are many willing to express their photogenesis of these non-obscene body parts without censorship (Well, cept for Google's highly-censored Youtube. Young feet displays are absolutely obscene there, regardless of intent. It's what you think, not their intent which matters. You will ruin a child's future by allowing them to show bare feet of any sort. Sorry if they never got the memo to feel traumatized by it. They most totally should feel like lifelong damaged goods over the secretive thoughts of others.

Oh yeah, then I heard (quite late) that the earthbound demon Donald Rumsfeld, died before he could ever be tried for Crimes Against Humanity in "Tha Hague".. ..Guess that court's only reserved for leaders not onboard with the globalist vision of Bowie's Man Who Sold The World.

Coincidentally though, I heard that western Europe ("OLD Europe") (THANKS, Donald R!!)) was recently reminded by Slovakia, in reply to EU demands to not just tolerate, but to NORMALIZE homosexual relations within various EU countries already hemmoraging population numbers due to their people not procreating enough to even remain at current pop-levels... that SOME members have not drunk enough of that Davos kool-aid just yet, to see what those western Euro leaders see. Has Mr. Tusk returned? I can never help but have visions of little boys chained in castle dungeons in obscure Euro countries whenever I hear him speak out loud:( One can only hope this personal impression is wrong.

And then I watched a travel doc bout Slovak and Hungary and their shared ancient history and realized they are way more meaningful than just quaint innocent little places on some devil's chess board.

One would hope they'd make sure the NGO's and other nefarious influences never flip their deep traditional reality, because the alternative indeed has a sinister motive that likely requires a high-level stop-it-in-its-tracks shutdown for the sake of individual national tradition preservations.

Glad I suck at politics, because that is a clusterfuck situation which will likely require finesse.

Oh yeah.. so I then found the Facebook-autist doing something seemingly controversial on a hydrofoil water board with a flag, which let's face it... he himself would have never done without a highly-paid PR firm recommending it. So as usual, I found twitter responses to be mostly meaningless as should mostly be the case in this day and age..

And then I was reminded that two of my younger elders are both total sausage faggots.

Still, somehow, I sincerely value the differently delivered yet replicated knowledge that they impart upon my open ears. They aren't closeted, yet also aren't telling kids that their superficial 6-year-old affinity for their same sex friend means they are GAY, which in my personal opinion makes them rank far higher than many US public school administrators today.


• ( https link ) So then I watched that, and went to bed.

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