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Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, July 07 2021 at 03:56:31AM
In reply to Hague posted by Hajduk on Monday, July 05 2021 at 0:55:07PM

I guess it does not exactly strike me as surprising, after the assassination of that Libyan leader.. especially after all the western leader hands he shook with photographers present.. Proof that the western handshake so historically revered really holds no value. at all. at least to its eternal political shysters.

I never followed him. Truly. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed how he specifically chose to live in a tent after bombings. I mean, how could one anywhere in the world not give a secret thumbs up to such a response.The ultimate troll, but I suspect with a nevertheless sincere goal for the betterment of his people, in his later years, anyway.

I am honestly a nobody, so my personal view holds zero meaning. As such, I feel free to express them.


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