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Posted by lemondolphin on Saturday, June 19 2021 at 1:44:59PM
In reply to Women are just poseur LGs posted by GL_in_lyrics on Thursday, June 10 2021 at 7:44:01PM

Do you think your hairy legs are attractive?

"Do LGs need to shave their legs? NO! Do they need makeup? NO!"

Neither do women...they do it to conform to beauty standards, and they do it for men. Many feminists agree with you that they ahould quit trying to impress men with beauty makeup and shaving.

"I happen to be attracted to certain war criminals"

Excuse me? mean adult women. I was thinking "Sadaam Hussain".

I have NEVER heard of any woman, feminists or otherwise, claiming that male circumcision is in the category of "women's rights". Actually, men started the practice, men are typically involved in male circumcision, and sometimes it's the father pushing for it, and the mother doesn't want it. It's not a women's rights issue, and not something that feminists want. If you really are against male circumcision...then perhaps you can think of directing your hostility at the ones who started it, are involved in continuing it, and have the power to end it.

One thing that feminists DO want is the right to be free from rape.
Can we talk about a "Rape Moratorium Day", where all men give women ONE 24 hour period in which they commit to not raping women and girls? JUST ONE DAY. Dworkin called for that decades ago, and it still hasn't happened yet. For the past 30 years...not one day has passed when men haven't raped women and girls by the hundreds of thousands (per day).

They also want women to have the right to live their lives, like play sports in high school and go to college.

I don't know women stating they want to murder their children. They want to protect their right to terminate a pregnancy when it is still in the embryonic phase, and is essentially a parasitic group of cells. Some argue for early fetal stage. (If you believe that embryos are people then fine, state that. but don't be dishonest about what women are defending)

Although, men seem to claim the right to kill women. They act as though they already have that right. Men murder half a dozen women EVERY HOUR of every day. (Source : U.N.)

It's a little disingenuous for you to raise this argument against women having the option of abortion while men are actively murdering women, don't you think?

You're free to post your "end feminism now" stuff on the internet as much as you want, but at least be honest about it.

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