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Reminds me of...

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Wednesday, May 05 2021 at 8:23:39PM
In reply to Russia is a kleptocracy, and so is America. posted by griffith on Wednesday, May 05 2021 at 5:52:42PM

How they say if you carry money, wealth, fortune, and display such out in the open, you deserve to be mugged. Like you're asking for it. Yet #feminist hypocrisies don't say the same for women who purposefully try to tease men with their looks.

If I yelled out my credit card # on the street, and screamed NOOOOOO when it got hacked, would I deserve it? Would I get my money back from the bank!? What about if a woman got naked on the street, spread her legs and opened her pussy wide with her fingers, and then yelled NOOOOO when someone was trying to rape her?

I'm not condoning anything, but who would a would-be rapist be more likely to attempt to rape? 1) an ugly old lady in a wheel chair wearing a snow suit, or 2) a beautiful little girl dressed scantily clad?

I'm just saying that hypocrisy goes deep in humanity, and nonsense can clearly be spotted as nonsense. And rape is not always about power, as the feminazis claim.

Sorry, griff, if I'm hijacking your OP, but that's what came to mind.

America and Russia are so corrupt, agreed. But part of me would like to see Putin take over the world... he's the evil the world deserves, as was Trump. Most people are pedos, so I wouldn't even care if they put all pedos, including myself, in concentration camps. The liars deserve it for denying themselves and having such shit laws that persecute innocent people, and love. Yes, even if I have to suffer, I'm down for it.

Oh, and businessWOMEN? Don't get me started... :-D

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