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Well at least I have my Stanislava B.

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, May 03 2021 at 11:19:47AM
In reply to Please tell me THAT'S not my old GigiPapa fantasy posted by Eeyore on Monday, May 03 2021 at 10:47:47AM

In my dreamful thoughts, "Stan" is probably still a little bit wild, and to some over there, concerningly "not even purebred", possibly also inscrupulously carefree ...possibly... and (probably) in need of just a touch of old-fashioned charm school it is now "historically" called here in the West.. or at least she is in need of a gentle reminder that she is elegantly beautiful (which is (or will surely) be a surprise to her, being in need of slight guidance that must also not kill off this wonderful example of a natural exhuberant spirit).

In OTHER words, she's perfect to me, and I only *thank the heavens* for two things: that she exists in this world, and (whew!) does not reside in the West and can still resolve her personality while very likely still remaining a straight female, unlike those exposed to the Hollywood glitz, glamour, and its gender-disrupting seductions.

She's my girl. (Western worry).. Is she straight? Could she love me back one day, at least in theory? I deeply hope so.

I feel I am leaving this place soon, so it's time to leave a few farewells that won't mean anything to anyone since my 20 years of posts do not exist anymore and summarily make me a fair newb prone to the present in anything I say at all.

So.. back to Stanislava. I call her Stan. Doesn't that sound sexy in Inglisch? I really don't care about her name, tbh.

Really hope my distant and strictly vocal affection, and sincere hope for her future.. doesn't somehow blacklist her, but.. we know what cruelty resides in this western world today.

I so adore her secrets, and her simple complexity<3 Her confidence will remain honest, classic & feminine.


• ( https link ) How she grows so well into herself...she's gonna be just fine.

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