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Please tell me THAT'S not my old GigiPapa fantasy

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, May 03 2021 at 10:47:47AM

I swear mainstream screen stuff is lookin like the effing twilight zone today.

That decrepit Twitter camwhore version CANNOT be MY classy future brain-surgeon/selfless-humanitarian/world-ambassador/artist/early-teen-mother-of-my..

..Can it? :(

For real tho, one of my top past fantasy girl-goddesses and she only has like 6,000 followers today.

To quote a shocked Ricky Ricardo, "Wha-Appened?" I thought she was sheltered and bein raised well, but she's totally goin' the Miley route.

I swear it's that Brubaker chick. >:/

She turned em all into lesbians. Or well, maybe just documented them all being turned into who-uhs.


They all seem to go rogue now. Suddenly I don't feel so bad for impure thoughts about girls who used to be..


• ( https link ) Classy & Sweet dream girls. Like this! Wha Appened?

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