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LGs on TV vs. LGs in real life

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, April 03 2021 at 5:45:26PM

While in the recent decade I haven't had a whole lot of encounters with any LGs, I have had a few long ago. I was able to clique with 4 year old girls, 8 year old girls, 10 year old girls, and 12 year old girls. The way we were able to relate to one another and understand each other was incredible.

Yet, when I see LGs on TV as actors, it appears from the way they are told to act in their roles that they are quite immature and it would be difficult to relate to them in a one-on-one encounter.

Does anyone else feel like this? It often seems to me that the directors of shows and movies have no idea what children are like in real life. It's like this is being done on purpose to give society a false-sense of what children are really like. I can't imagine most children I see in acting-roles being able to consent to sex at all. But when I get a chance to merely talk to children in real life, I get a much different feeling, at least.

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