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And... action.

Posted by Gimwinkle on Saturday, April 03 2021 at 10:44:42PM
In reply to I agree posted by sans on Saturday, April 03 2021 at 7:32:07PM

The problem with fiction is that it's .... well... fiction. Made up. Not real. From my experience, acting and story rarely comes close to simulating real life. Helicopters don't "spool up" as they lift off. Hand guns have recoil (sometimes so much that the gun can jump out of your hand.) Big explosions rarely have flames but do have lots of smoke. Cars crashing into parked cars rarely flip ass over teakettle.

I watched a movie the other day where the characters were driving along and suddenly a car pulled out in front of them. There was a brief fraction of a second to show the impending accident, some screech of wheels, and then the crash.

This kind of accident rarely does the unsuspecting driver have time to hit the brakes. They just don't believe their eyes then, boom. You hear, lots of times, that the driver never knew what had happened. They just wake up (if they survive) in the ER and wonder why.

Car chases don't happen in real life like you see in the movies. When I was young, I was trained as a "runner" and my buddy, while not my jammer, trained as a jammer so I got to see both sides of it. Speed is your enemy. There is this thing (that I didn't know the name of back then) called delta-V. A change in velocity. The car I drove was custom built to allow for a high rate of delta-V. Wide tires, awesome brakes, no rolling in a hard turn, and incredible low-end acceleration. But no tops speed to mention. And... quiet.

Movies are not like that.

Acting is not like that. Two people talking do not normally stand inches from each other. Quite often, there is no verbal communication other than a nod of the head or a gesture of a hand. Sometimes, a question isn't even answered and an assumption is made. Movies and acting don't show that.

So, when you are exposed to a real little girl and compare Her to a movie little girl, the only good thing you get is what She looks like. (Always beautiful, eh?)


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