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~~APRIL FOOLS~~ but... and...

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Friday, April 02 2021 at 00:39:25AM
In reply to Returning to GC... as an ANTI posted by GL_in_lyrics on Thursday, April 01 2021 at 00:00:05AM

Yes, this was all an April Fool’s joke. Apologies if I offended or hurt anyone. I mainly did this to try to get some discussion started again, and to hopefully bring some old members out of hiding. At the time of writing this, which is a few hours before I hope to post it, it looks like my plan may have failed. Oh well. I do fear GC is very close to its end.

I would especially like to apologize to Hajduk, because he is an old friend of mine and I fear I may have disturbed him quite a bit.

Believe it or not, GC, this is basically the only time – actually, it’s the ONLY time I can think of, that I’ve ever lied to you all. Especially such a tall lie.

But still the question may be asked, why such a lie? Well... I wanted to show where certain beliefs eventually lead. Anyone who believes in a) Anti-pedophilia b) feminism, and c) “Circumcision”, has a lot of problems and is acting as a disaster for humanity. I hope some of you enjoyed the parody!

I also found it funny, because I was poking fun at myself for all the mind-changes I’ve made over the last several years. I thought that might make this trick more believable, I guess. But believe it or not, my mind-changing seems to finally be coming to a rest, while I come to terms with the fact certain knowledge will likely never be known to us humans.

However, there may have been certain truths in what I wrote in my April Fool’s joke. I would like to dissect all of that now:

"I am transitioning into a woman."

Totally untrue. I posted that in the weeks before my April Fool’s joke in order to make the actual joke seem, possibly, more believable. I have never, not once, considered becoming a “woman”.

"So much has changed in my life."

This is only partially true. I will elaborate more down below.

"I began jerking off to little boys, not just girls."

Totally untrue. I know from trial experience that little boys do not arouse me. As it stands today, and has been for a very long time, I have nothing against boy lovers and their rights, however.

"I started looking at men sexually. In fact, my sexual attraction to men is now stronger than anything in my sexuality ever has been."

No. I cannot recall ever really so much as attempting to jerk off to a man.

"It was at this point I realized I had been given a gift. Nothing is legally wrong with adult/adult homosexuality where I live. I decided to call up one of my old friends, the one who outed me to my mother much longer than a decade ago. I know he’s bisexual – he’s the same one I did sexual things with as a teenager since we could not find girlfriends. Sure enough, he was happy I had come around, and we’re now in a relationship together!"

True, nothing is wrong with adult/adult homosexuality where I live, but I have no use for that!
I never called up that old friend of mine, at least not this recently!

"He is circumcised himself and was greatly offended that I viewed him as an “amputee” with a crippled sexuality."

Actually, he is genitally mutilated, but is also against the practice, as are many men who were mutilated as children against their will, or even as consenting adults. I don’t necessarily view “circumcised” men as amputees with a crippled sexuality. I don’t care if one is happy with their genitals. Many women willingly undergo FGM as well, and are perfectly happy with this. I don’t care. What I care about, and am against, is if this is done for bogus reasons, to individuals who have no say in the matter.

"I had to admit I had never read any feminist books, only obscure quotes from them and such."

This is basically true. I’ve mainly read quotes from feminists, participated in debates, and studied the effects feminism has had on the western world. My verdict stands – Feminism is a terrible, cruel practice. I hate it. So no, I am obviously NOT a feminist now! Whew!

"I was astonished at the words of notable feminist writers, such as Mary Wollstonecraft, Virginia Woolf, Bell Hooks, Kate Bornstein, and many more."

I never read any such books, only googled them to know what names to use for my little gag. However, the themes and quotes many notable feminists have used are credible witnesses to expose just what a horror feminism actually is.

"Women have been severely oppressed throughout ALL of history. Yes, they have."

Yes, they HAVE been oppressed.... in the past... and in some parts of the world today on-going, mostly in third world countries. This doesn’t mean that all males, and their rights, should take the brunt of the blame and be punished, however. In the western world today it’s males who are oppressed. The problem is so severe that I almost view any other group that claims to be oppressed – including white people – to be either lying, or ignorant about what’s really going on, and why they feel oppressed in the first place.

"Religion is largely to blame, sure, and I’ve hated religion for a long time and still do!"

This is really only one of the truest things I said in my post. And I do still absolutely hate religion. However, I feel like I was diluting myself quite a bit on the Satanism stuff. It seems I’m drifting towards atheism, again. But it does seem that there are many unexplained, supernatural events that go on in our world, and even the universe. Either way, the fact remains I’d rather worship Satan than God, if I had to make a choice.

"I have not jerked off to a single child in over four months."

No, I still love Lgs. There is some truth to this quote though, which I’ve learned from. In the last few months I did, indeed, feel my pedophilia declining once again, and I was obsessing over women and finding a woman-girlfriend. However, I am learning that this is what happens to me, perhaps every year, when spring-time rears its head. It must be a hormonal thing, and I’m learning to let it not interfere with my love for genuine princesses!

"But the sad reality is that the vast, VAST majority of child/adult relations are not going to end well, no matter what the setting or laws."

Pure bait, lol. I believe this quote is true perhaps less than I have in quite some time. I’m pro-contact, but the world needs to change before that reality can become non-fiction.

"If you study feminism, you will find that a great deal of angry, “misandrist” women were sexually abused as children."

Perhaps this is true, but only to an extent. Whatever the case, I STILL say that most women are either angry that they were molested, or angry that they were NOT molested. They want to be seen as beautiful, be loved, etc, but they also want to punish men who find them beautiful and want to love them. They want to have their cake and eat it, too.

"It’s been well documented around these parts of the web that there have been cases, such as mine, where pedophiles stop having the attraction to children, and soon become anti-contact people themselves."

That might be sort of true. Most human beings have a desire to be normal and be in the mainstream. This is probably why some of us “trick” themselves that they no longer have the attraction. This is what I did last year! And then they also trick themselves that pedophilia is now wrong. The fact is, however, that I have talked to quite a few nons before who accepted me as an MAP, and even accepted my rights, despite not having the attraction themselves.

"It’s a pipe-dream, and a mere fantasy not based within reality."

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Who knows right now? I’m going to continue promoting basic human rights of all humans, though. Despite whether or not they ever come to fruition.

"Now for circumcision.
I was wrong about that one too.

Look, if there was anything wrong with it, it wouldn’t still be in practice today."

Riiight. I’m not even going to bother debunking this one. Although there are certainly circum-fetishists out there who would use this logic to satisfy their own insecurities about themselves, and perversely promote the suffering of children.

"Yes, there are arguments on both sides, very much so. But it’s clear now that there’s a lot of propaganda on the opposing side. It’s a conspiracy theory, nothing more. If circumcision is wrong, you might as well say it’s wrong to spay and neuter animals, or even that the moon-landing was faked, and the earth is flat."


Sure, there might be propaganda on the side that teaches gender-equality, rights for males, and basic logic. There might also be propaganda on the side run by religious zealots and feminazis.

For the record, I am technically against spaying and neutering animals. I just don’t know a lot about how to help animals, but something clearly does need to be done to help the butchery going on in the world. I am a former vegan but am still somewhat FOR veganism.

"I cannot be a conspiracy theorist anymore, either."

My beliefs in conspiracy theories are dwindling. What I do think: The fact that so many of us need to resort to conspiracy theories to explain bizarre goings-on shows that there is indeed something strange happening within the reality we live.

"Yes, circumcision will likely cause some pain. But it certainly does prevent AIDS and other STDs, as well as cervical-cancer in women. I just can’t help but think that any pain caused by male circumcision is mother-nature giving the prostate-gods and all males a taste of their own medicine. Males DESERVE to be circumcised."

LOL.... this is more or less the logic used to continue cutting up the genitals of little boys (hi, GOTENKS!). It’s also why I’m afraid to be around these parts. I’m tired of debating such people about this when they do not have all the facts. If I’m going to be here, I need to avoid such discussion. But without a doubt, it will come up again. That is why I’m going to create a long post soon, about ALL The reasons I’m against male genital mutilation, the history of it, the evidence against it, and more. Anyone who tries to debate me on this will be referred to that post, and I will refuse to reply to them unless they attempt to debunk what I say there. Remember, logical reason requires one to balance a bunch of pieces of knowledge and evidence at once, and being able to process all of that at one time. It’s not about picking one piece of evidence, or one statement, and throwing out the entire point based upon one article.

"This is the BIGGEST reason why I am returning to GC."

BANG! Yes, it’s true. I am returning to GC. I think in the future the best bet is to go on an extended leave, or a hiatus, if I feel like I can’t be here. I agree, I agree, all my comings, goings, and farewells are getting old. However, I do really feel like GC is almost done. GC has played such a crucial role in my life that I want to be here if it’s the end. And if it’s not the end? That would mean things are going to pick up from here, the site will be updated, etc – in which case, I definitely want to be around! :-)

Oh, btw, almost forgot. I did have a suicide attempt when I was a teenager, but nothing recent, or since then. I really, truly hope I didn’t get anyone worried. But I wanted to add in some obscure details to make my “transition into a ‘woman’” thingy more believable.

Any way, your Loser, and still the world’s biggest terrorist movement:

- GL_in_lyrics

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