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Returning to GC... as an ANTI

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Thursday, April 01 2021 at 00:00:05AM

As previously stated in the previous weeks, I am transitioning into a woman. So much has changed in my life. I’ll give you the run down of where things currently stand. I’d expect this to be quite a long post.

Wasn’t it around 6 months ago I made my final “farewell” to GC? It was a month or so after that when I began jerking off to little boys, not just girls. I don’t truly know what happened, but that was my feeling at the time. A month or so after that, I started looking at men sexually. In fact, my sexual attraction to men is now stronger than anything in my sexuality ever has been.

It was at this point I realized I had been given a gift. Nothing is legally wrong with adult/adult homosexuality where I live. I decided to call up one of my old friends, the one who outed me to my mother much longer than a decade ago. I know he’s bisexual – he’s the same one I did sexual things with as a teenager since we could not find girlfriends. Sure enough, he was happy I had come around, and we’re now in a relationship together!

We got to talking at night. Debating, theorizing, etc. He got me thinking about so many different things. He wasn’t happy about my beliefs of things like feminism, pedophilia, circumcision, etc. He is circumcised himself and was greatly offended that I viewed him as an “amputee” with a crippled sexuality.

He told me to start with reading books by actual feminist thinkers. I had to admit I had never read any feminist books, only obscure quotes from them and such. I was astonished at the words of notable feminist writers, such as Mary Wollstonecraft, Virginia Woolf, Bell Hooks, Kate Bornstein, and many more.

I guess a lot of this helped shape my new view of the world.... and made me realize just how wrong I was before....

Look, a lot of this is going to be shocking. Like it or not, this is how it is.

Women have been severely oppressed throughout ALL of history. Yes, they have. Religion is largely to blame, sure, and I’ve hated religion for a long time and still do! But men are to blame as a whole for a lot of this, as well.

This is why I have to take back my old beliefs. Furthermore, now that I’ve liberated myself sexually, and am in a committed relationship, I can no longer call myself “pedophile”. I have not jerked off to a single child in over four months. I don’t see it happening again as my sexual attraction to men is dominating every aspect of my being.

I was wrong about women and feminism.
I was also wrong about pedophilia.

I know, I know, “’Lyrics” has done this before, during last-year’s stint of thinking he’s no longer an “MAP”. Might sound cliche, but this is different. Much, MUCH different.

I was wrong about pedophilia. We were all wrong about pedophilia.

Look, I’m sure a lot of you have had healthy relationships with children. But the sad reality is that the vast, VAST majority of child/adult relations are not going to end well, no matter what the setting or laws. I can no longer condone harming children. If you study feminism, you will find that a great deal of angry, “misandrist” women were sexually abused as children. I’m sorry, this is why feminism is so needed today. Or, a big reason, rather.

99.9% of the time any child involved in sex is going to end up severely damaged, physically, mentally, or both. I don’t say that lightly, or without shame for what I formerly promoted.

It’s been well documented around these parts of the web that there have been cases, such as mine, where pedophiles stop having the attraction to children, and soon become anti-contact people themselves. This is why I can no longer believe anyone, besides the pedophile, would condone such relationships with children. It is a delusion.

It’s a pipe-dream, and a mere fantasy not based within reality.

This is the BIGGEST reason why I am returning to GC. I will not troll or insult, nor will I out anyone if given the chance. I will fully abide by the rules. But I’m returning here to promote my new view, which will absolutely be elaborated on in further discussions. My goal is to save as many children, and ESPECIALLY innocent little girls from sexual abuse, as possible.

Now for circumcision.
I was wrong about that one too.

Look, if there was anything wrong with it, it wouldn’t still be in practice today.

Yes, there are arguments on both sides, very much so. But it’s clear now that there’s a lot of propaganda on the opposing side. It’s a conspiracy theory, nothing more. If circumcision is wrong, you might as well say it’s wrong to spay and neuter animals, or even that the moon-landing was faked, and the earth is flat. I cannot be a conspiracy theorist anymore, either.

Yes, circumcision will likely cause some pain. But it certainly does prevent AIDS and other STDs, as well as cervical-cancer in women. I just can’t help but think that any pain caused by male circumcision is mother-nature giving the prostate-gods and all males a taste of their own medicine. Males DESERVE to be circumcised.

And you see, I can no longer call myself a male, either. I will soon be fully a WOMAN.

This isn’t a goodbye again, GC. No, think of this as a thank-you for teaching me so much. Now it is my turn to teach you.

No hate. Be well.

I have a lot more to teach which I haven’t even begun touching upon.

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