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Posted by Newt on Sunday, March 14 2021 at 11:10:45PM

I said I will not post here any more but I just remembered a moment from last summer. Maybe I posted it before but probably not. It was one of the turning points with me and LGF.

I was at their house and her parents were there too. I was ordering some food so I asked around who wants what. I wrote down her parents order and then asked LGF what would she want. This is very much how it went as I still remember it clearly.

[Newt]: So, [LGF], what would you want?
[LGF]: [silent]
[Dad]: Do you want anything?
[LGF]: [barely audible, sounds depressed] I just want [Newt].

Of course, replace [Newt] with my real name. I remember the scene very well as I started panicking and thinking what would cause such a response. Her parents were about one meter away from her, while I was at about three. I heard her. That means everyone heard her.

Parents were half-smiling or laughing, and half-confused.

[Dad]: What did you say?
[LGF]: [silence]
[Dad]: [Newt], what did she say?
[Newt]: Well, I didn't hear really wha...
[LGF]: [interrupting] Oh, you heard me!
[LGF]: I only want YOU!
[LGF storms off to kitchen - well, just got a glass of water and returned; parents laughing, I'm confused]

Those were the days... I do not know how else should I have behaved in that situation, I am only sorry for not hugging her at the same moment she said it. Now it is all distant past as she is indifferent to me. Probably puberty or something. I just love this memory and wanted to share it. I will go back into hiding now.


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